About Anna Borrasi: IO Group Executive Chef

Anna BioAnna is Singapore’s only female co-owner and, at the same time, Group Executive Chef with proven expertise in Italian cuisine.

At since a young age, she has shown remarkable entrepreneurial skills in the F&B industry that have helped her open 8 restaurants of her own over the past 30 years in Europe. Bringing along her expertise and continuous passion for food into Singapore, her restaurants have gained great popularity with her creativity and knowledge.

The essence of her dishes is visually enhanced by refreshing contemporary presentations with a Mediterranean touch.


About David Chan, Certified Tea Sommelier (Australian Tea Masters)

David Chan finalDavid is runs a Food & Beverage, Wine & Bar, Tea, training and consultancy proprietary. His business also entails wine, cocktails, tea appreciation, corporate business and social etiquette workshops.

He was formerly the Vice Principal of the Wine & Spirit Institute (SHATEC), the Singapore Hotel And Tourism College, where he had 30 years of training experience since the formation of the college in 1983.

David is a Certified Tea Sommelier with the Australian Tea Masters, a Certified Food & Beverage, an UK Wine & Spirits Education Trust nominated wine educator and did his wine tutor accreditation with the Bordeaux Wine School in France.


About CulinaryOn’s Brand Chef Giuseppe

Giuseppe was born in Sorrento, Italy. He was fond of cooking from his youth and he has always been a cook in mind. He gave up his lawyer career in 2006 and graduated Boscolo Etoile Cooking Academy in Tuscany.

SUD_1769aIn 2010 after 4 years as an Executive Chef in restaurants in Italy, Giuseppe has moved to Moscow (Russia) as a Private Chef, and later as Brand Chef in several restaurants, including one of the best family-owned Italian restaurant Pane&Olio. In parallel, Giuseppe taught Italian and Mediterranean cuisines in several cooking schools as he believes that learning never stops.

In August 2014 Giuseppe joined CulinaryOn as Brand Chef and brought his passion and professionalism to the fast-expanding concept, leading first Moscow and since 2016 also Singaporean kitchen teams.

In 2015 due to his reputation and charisma Giuseppe was invited to be the Jury of the first-ever Master Chef Junior in Russia, that brought him countrywide recognition.


About Executive Chef, ALATI Divine Greek Cuisine, Chef Ioannis Stefanopoulos, 

Chef Ioannis StefanopoulosIn 1991, Ioannis Stefanopoulos graduated from a culinary school when he was 18. Ready to take on the world, he developed his palate, strengthened his culinary skills, and broadened his horizons in every kitchen and country he stepped into. He was deeply captivated by ancient civilization and history, so he traversed to the three epitomes of ancient civilization where he worked as the Executive Chef, from Greece where he was raised, to Sharm-El-Sheikh in Egypt, and finally to Shenzhen, China. But no matter which part of the world he is in, he would always go back to the Mediterranean way of cooking — fresh ingredients, generous portions, and back to basics.


About Chinese Herbal Cuisine Specialist, Ms Joanna Wong

Gastro A FairJoanna joined Eu Yan Sang in 2000 where she learnt all about Chinese herbs, including their medicinal properties and benefits. As General Manager of Brand Management and Corporate Communications at Eu Yan Sang, she went on to revolutionize the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine from soupy home-brewed concoctions to that of flavor enhancing key ingredients in fine dining dishes across various cuisines — a feat she pulled off by having Eu Yan Sang participate in the prestigious World Gourmet Summit from 2004 to 2012, where top chefs worked with Chinese herbs to reinvent its use.

Dedicated to the belief that Chinese herbs can greatly enhance health especially when tailored to an individual’s lifestyle, she went on to create herbal foods for different occasions such as festive dishes or finger foods for parties.  Some of these recipes are featured in her cookbook, entitled “Herbalicious” which was launched in July this year.

For the first time, Joanna Wong is offering her amazingly healthy yet delicious herbal dishes to the public, debuting at GASTRO-A-FAIR. Tasty Chinese herbal foods and snacks? Never tasted yummy herbal foods before – COME AND TRY Joanna’s signature Herbal rice with ginger garlic chicken, Grilled salmon with American ginseng broth to help boost your lethargic body, tasty Bai Muer (white fungus) Tofu Puffs to cool body heat and boost vitality and not to mention the healthier Grilled Spicy Mid-wings cooked without a drop of oil!


OrnaAbout Orna Ben Simon

Orna Ben Simon , she’s a mother of three beautiful kids, 12, 9 and 6. Like every mother, when kids grow up you want to make their birthday special With the best looking cake. And from making cakes for her kids she started to make cakes for friends kids etc….so i guess its true when people say what you love doing as a passion  become a great business! Today, “Orna baking with style” It’s  a fast growing business that show her way of perfectionism and the way of her own baking taste. She’s specialize and customize  birthday cake and concepts, new born and even wedding cakes.



Chef Simone's profileAbout Group Executive Chef, ETNA , Simone Depalmas

Being a native of Sardinia with over 20 years of culinary experience, Chef Simone specialises primarily in seafood and has cooked for prominent figures, including the Prime Minister of Italy.

Chef Simone believes in adopting different cooking techniques to bring out the natural flavours of his dish and adorn it with his personal touch. He enjoys working with artisanal products and aims to deliver a pleasurable dining experience for guests from all walks of life.


About Chef Stan Lee, Camellia Chinese Bistro

Chef Stan LeeChef Stan Lee’s professional culinary career began at age 17, where he started as a food runner, before subsequently becoming a cook. The experience gave him first-hand exposure to the world of F&B, allowing him to develop an insight as to how successful F&B outlets are run. Along the way, Stan has also picked up numerous accolades and awards for his excellence in culinary craft. Since 2008, Stan has shared the knowledge he has gathered over the years as an F&B consultant, driven by the same curiosity and passion he had when he first started out.


Tim Ong and his studentsAbout Chef Tim Ong

Australian-born chef, Tim Ong, has lived in Singapore for the past 6 years, honing his talent in a variety of roles through South East Asia. His past experience includes working with Michelin star chefs; being a consultant to numerous restaurant openings throughout the region; and using his talent and relatable personality on TV appearances for the Asian Food Channel. Most recently, Tim was a finalist in Mediacorp latest culinary show, Eat List Star.

In the main time, Tim has been heading up Singapore’s largest kid’s culinary program, Super Chef by Camp Asia for the past two years. His unique skill set combination, authentic and engaging personality is what makes Tim a food personality in his own right.

Latin Quarter's Exec Chef Tamara ChávezAbout Chef Tamara Chávez
Born in Mexico City, Tamara developed her intense love for the kitchen during her first experience of working in a fast food chain. The rush of adrenaline and the feeling of satisfaction she felt while catering for a restaurant at full house was the trigger which instilled in her a passion for food that was impossible to ignore.

It came, therefore, as no surprise that the young chef decided to study for a Culinary course and follow her true calling. “Food has the ability to change people’s feelings and that is very powerful”, said Chef Tamara.
Even though her studies and basic training was in French cuisine, she decided to follow her roots and specialize in the Mexican and Latin American gastronomy.

“Latin Quarter gave me the opportunity to travel to different Latin American countries without leaving the restaurant, it’s quite fascinating”, remarks Tamara.