Participating Restaurants

Alati Divine Greek CuisineAlati Interior

ALATI, the ancient Greek word for ‘salt’, specialises in divine Greek seafood, featuring the freshest selection of Mediterranean fish and artisanal products flown in overnight from the Aegean Sea. With sustainability and quality in mind, ALATI works closely with the fishermen in Greece to present a menu of both seasonal classics and rare fish, such as the European seabass, red porgy, red mullet, and much more. With genuine hospitality and hearty plates, find a little piece of Santorini in the heart of bustling Amoy Street.


Buyan, Singapore’s premier Russian restaurant that brings together cuisine and culture for an authentic dining experience. With the menu featuring dishes from Russia and the former Soviet Union countries such as Ukraine, Georgia and Uzbekistan, wide range of Russian and Eastern-European vodkas (most labels available only in Buyan), Signature Russian-themed cocktails and infusions encompassed with Russian hospitality, Buyan stands out with the only all-Russian experience.

Buyan brings large variety of cultural activities, both educating guests in culinary history and traditions and other aspects of Russian culture (music, visual arts, language and general way of life), bringing to life its motto “in Russia there’s no food without fun and there is no fun without food”.

Gastro A FairCamellia Chinese Bistro

Flower cuisine is deeply entwined with Chinese nobility, with emperors and empresses benefiting from its restorative properties. Flower wine was served in the imperial palace during the reign of Emperor Wu Di of the Han Dynasty. During the Tang Dynasty, It is said that Empress Wu Zetian would eat feasts where flowers were used as ingredients. And Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty would enjoy dishes made of chrysanthemum, lotus and yulan mangnolia.

Camellia is a contemporary Chinese Bistro situated in the north-east of Singapore. Inspired by the flower of the same name, Camellia looks to bring healthy dining to Singaporeans. Helmed by award winning Chef Stan Lee, Camellia’s distinctive menu draws inspiration from storied Chinese flower cuisine, updated with a modern take, in a homely setting.

ETNA DuxtonETNA Italian Restaurant

Nestled in an elegant and cosy setting, ETNA serves up a delightful contemporary Italian cuisine with a Sicilian touch. The kitchen team’s exceptional culinary skills are visually enhanced with refreshing contemporary presentations shown in every dish. Some of our dishes have remained all-time favourites throughout the years. Moreover, you can also find a wide range of the most authentic Italian pizzas. With our team of experienced service professionals, we promise each guest warm and personalized hospitality in true Italian style.

Gastro A FairGuksu Restaurant

Guksu Restaurant is a ‘new age’ Korean Restaurant and Singapore’s first specialised Jeongol Restaurant. Jeongol is a rich, hearty Korean stew that is loaded with a mix of different ingredients mingling flavours to produce a luscious, savoury concoction.  Each of the ten stews is an artful mix of top-quality meats, vegetables, pastes and sauces carefully handpicked by our Executive Chef Choi Minchul.  Besides the Jeongols, Guksu Restaurant has also won rave reviews for its Korean Fried Chicken, comes in original, soy or spicy flavours.

iO Italian Osteria Interior 2iO Italian Restaurant

iO Italian Osteria brings the aroma, flavours and atmosphere of traditional Italian tavern back to life, where you can discover the Italian concept of conviviality, the pleasure of dining, drinking and having a conversation. Boosting an open kitchen concept, the culinary team prepares dishes from scratch with only the freshest and most flavourful seasonal products. iO is definitely a unique place where you can find distinctive Italian delicacies, ranging from food to beverages. Authentically Italian!

kimchiKimchi Korean Restaurant

Bringing to you the authentic Taste of Korea amidst posh settings at very affordable prices! Hailing from established South Korean F&B schools, our chefs & cooks have been groomed in the art of Korean Cuisine. There is an elegance to this cuisine that captures the deep appreciation for the land’s rich bounty.  Each recipe is conceptualized within a rooted, uniquely Korean culture that tells the story of her people’s romanticized imagination that has a buoyant sense of adventure. And it is this enthusiasm that gives Korean dishes a distinct flavour, a distinct aroma.

ras-essence-of-indiaRAS the Essence of India

True to its name, ras brings the true essence of Indian culinary experience in a contemporary style, by bringing you specialty dishes from various states of the sub-continent. But then, quality indian food is just a fraction of the total offering. An extensive list of fine wines from across the world, internationally acclaimed beers & cocktails and the unsurpassed service will make your dining experience a memorable one. Whether you choose the cosy indoors or the bustling riverside, you can rest assured of our hospitality that’s truly redefined.

Soup Restaurant

Soup RestaurantA bright splash of color in the 1930’s Chinatown with her trademark red headdress, the Samsui Lady was amongst the pioneers who built modern Singapore. An icon of Chinatown known for her simplicity, dedication & resilience, she continues to hold a spot in the history of Singapore.

Here at Soup Restaurant, we enliven the Samsui heritage by bringing to you our authentic Chinatown Heritage Cuisine where our signature Samsui Ginger Chicken, steamed dishes & double-boiled herbal soups are prepared with the same simple & sincere dedication to serve you.

Gastro-a-fairThe Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter, is a casual Latino Kitchen dedicated to elevating the status of Latino cuisine, especially the colourful street food culture, its buzz and variety. The kitchen features unique, authentic and delicious cuisine inspired by family recipes and the experience of streets of Latin America.

If you, like us, believe that food is a doorway to a people’s culture, then come and experience the real street food of Latin America at the Latin Quarter.